Model Spotlight: Xio

In Model Spotlight on July 17, 2010 at 6:20 pm

One of the amazing things about fashion photography is having the chance to be exposed to beauty in many shapes & forms…  Including amazing models…  I’m drawn to beauty in many of it’s forms from the classic pin up model, to the big booty girl on the cover of SHOW Magazine.  I’m excited to present my first “Model Spotlight” the amazing “Chameleon” Xio.

This Ponce, Puerto Rico native (my old neck of the woods, whoop whoop! 😉 ) loves being in front of the camera, and the camera definitely loves her!!  This girl can give you fierce, high fashion, edgy & sexy all in one sexy & sweet little package!!

I had the chance to ask her a few questions, not only is she gorgeous, but she’s also very smart and sweet…  Enjoy!!

What are your goals within the industry? I want to be known as a chameleon, I want everyone to know that I can do it all.   I’m a career woman during the day and I have been blessed in the modeling industry.   I have worked with many famous people and I have been featured in amazing magazines!

What are 3 facts about you that most people don’t know? I’m a career woman, I work everyday… I’m a sucker for for romance…and I’m single!! lol

Pic courtesy of @DelAnthonyPhoto

If you could be a superhero or super-villain, which one would you be & why? I would be Rogue from X-men because if you think about it she could technically have every super ability in the world.  Whenever she touches someone she temporarily absorbs their power.  So she can be invisible, super strong, fly and do pretty much whatever she wants!!!

What is the one thing that you couldn’t live without? My phone & my computer!!!!

What are your passions? I work very very hard, I’m a go getter..  Currently I work in the fashion industry as a buyer for a very well known company, but my passion is in fashion, I’m developing my own line.

Who is your Hero? my mother

What makes you stand out against other models in the industry? I’m not like every other model,  I consider myself a chameleon.  I never wanted to be “the sexy model”,  I came into this industry doing commercial modeling, you couldnt pay me to get into a bikini!!  hahahaha!!  But i thinks its time to show that I can also be sexy 😉

What is your definition of sexy? confidence… sexy is not about what you wear or how much you show,  I can wear a turtleneck and still be sexy trust me 🙂

What do you like to wear when you want to feel sexy? hmm i like to switch it up… lets just leave it at that *lol* I’m single, but if I had a boyfriend lets just say… he would always have a smile on his face 😉

Pic by @DelAnthonyPhoto

Any site or upcoming projects you would like to promote?, and I’m currently working on my own clothing line so make sure you keep a look out

  1. 🙂 love it !!!!

  2. XIO is SO Beautiful..I LOVE HER…She is so cool to work with also.

  3. Great interview, good questions with amazing photos. It’s nice when compelling photography is matched with a unique style providing us visceral insight into the minds of others. I think you’re doing a great job! Keep it coming 🙂

  4. Great interview! I love to see compelling interviews combined with amazing photograpy. I feel it provides a true visceral insight into the cutting edge style and ideas of the unique & talented minds presented here. Great job and keep up the good work!

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