In MeMe-isms on July 27, 2010 at 6:21 pm

I’m fascinated and inspired by many people, images, places, songs, books, etc….  I’m blessed with the ability to capture images and inspiration with my camera, and every once in a while I’m blessed with the ability to play with these little amazing things called words…  Here are some “meme-isms” fresh from the kitchen…  😉

  • After willingly taking a ride on a roller coaster, I’m left wondering, where is the thin line between Insanity and Genius?
  • Is Pandora’s box still Pandora’s box if it’s left unopened?

should I... or shouldn't I....?

  • Where is the fork in the road between temptation leading you in a direction of enlightenment vs. imprisonment… Do we care?  Eh… Maybe I’m just a genius, maybe I’m just delirious… Maybe the genius comes out when I’m most delirious…  Maybe I just need to crawl back into bed and go back to dreaming… But who’s to say that all of “awake” moments aren’t the actual dream…
  • Why do I continue to present myself with temptation…? Maybe because I can’t understand how sweet the fruit is until I reach over and take a bite..??

  • Supposedly Everyone and Everything has a place in this world.. I wonder how many times we miss, avoid or just circle around our “place”…. Is it till we fall in?   Or pushed?

  • Why is it so often that we ultimately fall into place but it’s so unexpected our instinct is to jump right back out? Are we never ready?
  • How many of these “places” do we have to fall into/jump out of, only to attempt to crawl back in when we realize how good it really was?
  • Such fickle creatures we are.. Wanting what we don’t have, not wanting it when we have it, and then wanting nothing else when its gone….

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