Through the Lens: Frank aka Hot Sauce

In Through the Lens on July 29, 2010 at 2:18 am

For this edition of Through the Lens I’m beyond excited to introduce you to Frank aka Hot Sauce aka my “baby daddy” 😉

In 2009 I was blessed with the opportunity to be one of the founding members & Editor In-Chief of DreamCurves Magazine, along with a few other partners including two of my “idols” Del Anthony & Frank Hot Sauce.

Del Anthony used to say that the magazine was like my baby because I loved it so much, so I coined them my “baby daddies”.  During the time that we worked on the magazine I was blessed with the chance to work with and bond with two of the photographers I look up to the most.  Not only is Frank an AMAZING photographer, but he is also a very strong & intelligent business man, and a great friend.

Frank was kind enough to answer some of my favorite questions, so I leave you with them and some pictures from his amazing portfolio. Enjoy…

"i love smoke" - Feat. A N I A

What inspired you to pick up the camera and begin your journey as a photographer?

I got inspired by a photographer named Treagen from Detroit while I was working as the A&R for a NY based magazine. His images crushed the competition in the mag. He shot great looking models and he shot concepts. I wanted to try and see if I could create art with a camera….and the journey begins.

"Sha doing her thing" - Feat. Sha Carmel

What inspires you to keep picking it up?

I’m inspired by other great photographers. My passion to create something that will stay in your mind. I love the pressure that I put on myself to think of something different.


Who do you look up to in terms of their photography?

I look up to photographers that create original concepts.  My list is short…Del Anthony, Category 6, House of Ego and Rankin.  These are artists.  They put soul into their work.  Not many people do that nowadays.  Glamour shouldn’t just be going to a cheap hotel and shooting on the bed… we’ve all been there and done that.

"Eka Samone"

Describe  your favorite kind of model to work with (attitude, ability, etc)

I don’t have a favorite model or type of model.  All models should be passionate, creative, confident, etc…  I could go on for days.  Lol.  Its very rare you find that perfect model but sometimes you build chemistry and it shows in the images.

"Lia Cha"

What is the next level you hope to grow your photography/art into?

I want to improve.  There’s still tons of info that I don’t know.  Knowledge is Power.  If I continue to learn and study my craft I’ll be able to create images that are “outside the box”.

Beauty and fashion are on my list in the near future.  If things go as planned I’d like to have my work published so that I can show how I view photography.

"Heather Feather"

To see more of Frank’s work check out his Model Mayhem, or Follow him on Twitter @Frank_HotSauce

Mz April

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