Model Spotlight: Jossie aka Ricanbombshell

In Model Spotlight on August 24, 2010 at 1:36 am

For this edition of Model Spotlight I’m excited to present Jossie aka Ricanbombshell, the crazy hot Puertorican bombshell measuring in at 34C- 27-38, that can melt your computer screen with her hotness…  Enjoy!

Photo by @DelAnthonyPhoto

What are your goals within the industry?

Besides having my name out there, I want to open my doors to different venues in the industry, maybe in marketing, or work on a magazine.  I’m looking to expand my options for a future career.

What are 3 facts about you that most people don’t know?

I am very picky, very ambitous and believe in enjoying the movie I’m making.

Pic by @Frank_HotSauce

What is your secret weakness or guilty pleasure?

Sex and chocolates, and they go great together lol 😉

Pic by @DelAnthonyPhoto

If you could be a superhero or super-villain, which one would you be & why?

I don’t have a favorite one but I would love to fly and water bend lol

Pic by @Frank_HotSauce

Pic by @Frank_HotSauce

What is your favorite sports team?

Redskins baby!

What is the one thing that you couldn’t live without?

My kids

What are your passions?

Going to the gym and learning new things, besides regular girly stuff like shopping lol

What makes you stand out against other models in the industry?

My personality and my exotic look

Pic by @DelAnthonyPhoto

What is your definition of sexy?

Sexxy is an attitude, if you feel it, you will be sexxy!

What would a guy have to do to get your attention?

Just be himself, I dont like people who pretend to impress.

What do you like to wear when you want to feel sexy?

I love dresses and anything that can show my legs and maybe some cleavage 😉

Pic by @DelAnthonyPhoto

Anything you would like to say to your fans?

I love all of you and dont forget to follow me on twitter @Ricanbombshell

  1. WOW O WOW This is the best looking female i have seen in a long time…exotic,beautiful,sexy,mysterious and a body of a goddess she out of 1-10 she gets an 11 but on a bad note the last picture lose ur photoshop person they messed up greatness but besides that god bless u gorgeous

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